I’m going to be posting infrequent looks different architects who’ve inspired me.  I’m at a point in my career that I’m rather quite happy with the opportunities that I’ve had, and am very comfortable where my design is going, and I thought such makes it an opportune time to reflect back on the architects who have influenced me.  Possibly a self indulgence, the intention is for me to rigorously revisit the work of designers I hold in high esteem, and consider how their philosophies have become manifest in my own work.  I also see it as an opportunity to critically consider my own design in deference to these masters, and work to elevate it to a higher level.

This list is not intended to be comprehensive, and is in no particular order.  There will be many notable exception to this list who may very well appear on other lists of great architects, but for me, they are not whom I consider to have had significant impact on my thinking.  This is also not intended to be simply a history lesson of notable designers and their works.  Rather, I hope to achieve a more concise documentation of what, for me, has stood out about the work each have done.  I hope this might possibly reveal designers to readers whom they’ve not come to know, or better yet, see designers in a light they may not have before.  As always, I hope it sparks an open a vigorous discussion.


08 2011