100 Architects | 100 Days – Miller Hull

Miller Hull is a general practice firm which I’ve respected for quite some time.  Just as I appreciate the sensitivity to regionalism that Lake Flato is famous for, so do I admire how Miller Hull used their Seattle roots to develop a design aesthetic that is very appropriate to the place.  Often their materials are traditional, but their methods are innovative.  Their forms are modern, but the emotions they evoke have a deep lineage in our culture.  It is a subtle architecture that can push forward without alienating the past, and Miller Hull is excellent at it.

While the fundamentals of form are well executed by a great many designers, texture is such an incredibly important and overlooked aspect that is all too often not given it’s due.  Material selection, placement, and execution can be very critical to communicate everything that a design intends.  Miller Hull handles this expertly, and I encourage you to take a deep look into their body of work.

Safari Drive Condominiums


1310 East Union

Novotny Cabin


Epiphany School




09 2011